Seidenvisionen - Malerei auf Seide


About colors Part I

Colors mean life and add a special zest to our existence. For all of you who share my love for colors: I got carried away with this excursion through the interesting links about colors and color perception.

Since Newton it has been well known that colors are nothing else but "dispersed" white light in specific wavelengths which range from infrared (= warm energy) to ultraviolet (= cold energy). Our body perceives these oscillations through the skin and the eyes and in form of nerve impulses which get redirected to the brain where the colors cause reactions on various levels.

Which kind of reactions - please find out by yourself.

The color red
Red is the color of fire.
It attracts attention, stands for vitality and energy, love and passion.
Its effect may turn to aggressiveness and agitation since it embodies anger, rage and brutality, too!

The color orange
Orange is the color of the sun setting.
It symbolizes optimism and joy of living. It signalizes open mindedness, ability to make friends easily and youthfulness, health and self-confidence.
It might also be associated to a happy-go-lucky-nature, obtrusiveness and dissipation and is often sensed as cheap and dubious in our society.

The color yellow
Yellow is the color of the sun.
It conveys light, cheeriness and joy.
It represents knowledge, wisdom, rationality and logic, too.
Impure yellow tints on the other hand impart negative associations, such as delusion, vengefulness, pessimism, selfishness, stinginess and envy.

The color green
Green is the color of meadows and forests.
It is a soothing color representing generosity, self-confidence, harmony, hope, renewal of life.
It can also convey feelings like envy, phlegm, stagnation and fatigue.