Seidenvisionen - Malerei auf Seide


About me

Born in 1949
designing and creating things as early as a child

1968 first attempts decorating glass and functional objects, love of Art Nouveau and Celtic style

1971 to 1975 stay in Paris/France, own attempts of eau forte, discourse with artists

1991 attempts with collage techniques, water color painting, gouache colours

1993 water colour painting with herbal pigments with Roland Stalling

1992, following an accident of the right hand finding of the, technique of the left hand': new stimuli creating, pictures from deep inside'

1993 experiments with silk, miniatures, scarves, cushion covers, panels

in 1996 experiments with ceramics, clay (jars, objects, clock-face painting)

since 2001 composition of silk scarves and pictures and silk panels